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The Outreach Ministry serves God by "Reaching Out" to the sick and shut in. We do this by making visits, sending cards, and serving the Holy Sacraments, and in some instances, provide them with food.  


The Outreach Ministry is very passionate about their mission as servants.  We make sure that the members who are unable to attend church, are kept abreast of church functions, by often mailing them church bulletins.  Our ministry also goes outside the church.  


We recently opened a soup kitchen on the fourth Saturday of each month, where we serve delicious soups to the food pantry recipients. The entrance to the Soup Kitchen is located in the back of the church, down the stairs, through the back door.


The Outreach Committee is making a plea for corporate prayer for peace in our city.  The scriptures say "where two or three are gathered in His name He will be in the midst".  We ask that every Friday at noon that you pray for the violence to cease in this city.  We are losing too many of our children.  These children are our future teachers, lawyers, doctors, mayors and even presidents also preachers (and the list goes on).  Pray for the families of these victims.  I also urge you to pray for the perpetrators.  They too are often victims.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.

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