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About Us

New Gresham United Methodist Church has been serving the Gresham/Auburn community since its doors opened in 1925. In the early 60's as the Gresham/Auburn area was going through growth and development, Gresham United Methodist Church was there, serving the communities in productive capacities. Ministries that came about were:


The Gresham's Young Men Basketball League

Youth Vocational Bible School .Communlty Food Drive

Youth Summer Employment Project via The City of Chicago Youth Program


These programs remained strong and thriving, until an unfortunate turn of events that occurred and left a drastic/traumatic change within the realms of the community. Social issues such as a transition of ethnic origin. decline in employment opportunities, the prominent elevation of drug addiction, just to name a few, a tremendous effect on the families, community and inevitably, Gresham United Methodist Church (especially since Gresham Church and its community was built based on serving the needs of the flourishing family­- oriented community.


The Gresham area was no longer the thriving community it had been. Unfortunately, it fell under a disturbing restless sleep, a sleep that lasted some 10-15 years.


Now a REBIRTH is occurring!!! New housing and new businesses have come to the area, along with the migration of new families. Some existing and pioneer families that decided to stay toughed it out and made it through the storm! A metamorphosis of healing and growlh is now In process!!!


Faith and leadership has lead New Gresham (renamed In 1972) to take an examination of ourselves as a church community, As to how we again can serve the families of the Gresham area.


Many New Minislries have been generated and some ministries have passed the planning stage, waiting to be implemented. These ministries require a tremendous level of commitment in terms of time, dedication and financial resources.


Currently, all of these programs, including the start­up funding has been funded by the ministers, laity and the congregation. Even though the generosity and dedication of the Church family is much appreciated, it is still limited. 


We are a small congregation and the majority of our family is of the senior population, who have been long survivors and strongly dedicated to the revival of the neighborhood and Church. 


We believe our best days are ahead of us. With God, our Pastor and ministry teams, our future looks bright and filled with the hope of Christ.      



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